UNM-萝莉研究所 offers new certificates in Alternative Teacher Licensure

UNM-萝莉研究所 Visiting Lecturer II Vanessa Ferguson teaches an education class at 萝莉研究所-萝莉研究所 on Nov. 8, 2023.

UNM-萝莉研究所 offers new certificates in Alternative Teacher Licensure

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Branch campus adds program to help local educators earn Level 1 teaching credentials

By Richard Reyes, Friday, April 5, 2024

GALLUP, N.M. 鈥 萝莉研究所-萝莉研究所 is introducing a new program that will help people with non-traditional teaching degrees become certificated educators in New Mexico.

Starting in the Fall 2024 semester, UNM-萝莉研究所 will offer two post-baccalaureate certificates in Alternative Teacher Licensure 鈥 one for Elementary Education and one for Secondary Education.

鈥淏ecause schools are already using instructors who have a bachelor鈥檚 degree but not a teaching degree, this fills that niche of providing people who are already teaching with the opportunity to obtain their teaching certificate in four semesters,鈥 UNM-萝莉研究所 Director of Education Laura Moore said. 鈥淭his way, we have qualified, certified teachers in the classroom.鈥

The new certificate programs are designed for individuals who have already earned a bachelor鈥檚 degree or higher in a non-teaching field and want a quick path toward becoming an educator.

In order to enter the UNM-萝莉研究所 Alternative Teacher Licensure certificate programs, individuals are required to be employed as teachers. The program is meant for those who have already been hired to teach and need their teaching license within their first two years on the job.

The certificate for Elementary Education is recommended for individuals who enjoy instructing and spending time with elementary aged children (grades K-8). It is a 21-credit program.

Alternative Teacher Licensure

UNM-萝莉研究所 student Kevin Capitan gives a presentation during an education class at 萝莉研究所-萝莉研究所 on Nov. 8, 2023.

The certificate for Secondary Education (grades 9-12) is recommended for individuals with a special interest or educational background in science, social studies, math or language arts. It is an 18-credit program.

Both programs can be completed in four semesters, beginning each fall and including the summer semester.

Upon completion of either certificate program, individuals can apply for a New Mexico Level 1 teaching license. New Mexico teaching salaries start at $50,000 for those with a Level 1 license.

In both the Elementary and Secondary programs, students will take courses such as Foundations of Education, Curriculum and Assessment, Effective Teaching and more. Plus, they will take one semester of Field Experience and earn credits by teaching in their own classroom.

Classes are created for those with a busy schedule. Course delivery is a combination of online and in-person formats to accommodate a person鈥檚 work/teaching schedule.

To get started at UNM-萝莉研究所 and learn how to apply, please visit goto.unm.edu/unmg.

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, visit goto.unm.edu/gallup-advisors.

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