Sexual Assault Policy

萝莉研究所 recognizes the harm caused by sexual assault and the need to educate the University community regarding this issue.

Find more resources related to Sexual Assault/Misconduct on our UNM-G LoboRespect webpage.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

萝莉研究所-萝莉研究所 Campus policy on illegal drugs and alcohol clearly states the standard for a Drug-Free, Alcohol-Free campus.

Recognizing the dangers of substance abuse in the work place, UNM-萝莉研究所 uses alcohol and drug-free awareness programs to inform the community of issues and risks of substance abuse. Numerous counseling and treatment resources are also available, including:

This organization offers a free hot-line crisis counseling service available by telephone and on a walk-in basis (call first.)
Phone: (505) 277-3013.

- NCI Detoxification Center Information Line
Gives information on places where they can get treatment.
Phone: (505) 722-2177 (AA Hotline)

Phone: (505) 722-4818

Phone: (800) 509-9503

Weapons Policy

With very few exceptions, employees, students, and visitors are not permitted to possess weapons on any part of the campus. A weapon includes, but is not limited to: firearms, ammunition and other dangerous weapons, substances, or materials; and bombs, explosives, or incendiary devices.