The UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department is here to protect you and offers numerous services to ensure your safety.

The UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department is open from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. 365 days a year to respond to your needs. From 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. an officer is placed on stand by, covering the off duty hours.

UNM-萝莉研究所 Police officers are commissioned by 萝莉研究所 Board of Regents (Section 20-5-2 NMSA 1978 (11997Repl.)).

They have full power of peace officers on campus, including the authority to enforce all applicable laws, ordinances and campus traffic regulations, and the authority to arrest. Officers are also commissioned through the McKinley County Sheriff's Department.

The UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department investigates complaints of on-campus criminal activity, working closely with the District Attorney's Office to ensure effective prosecution.

UNM-萝莉研究所 Police encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to promptly report all crimes. Crimes occurring on campus should be reported to UNM-萝莉研究所 Police at (505)-863-7620 or 979-3835. Crimes committed off the UNM-萝莉研究所 Campus should be reported to the appropriate police agency (萝莉研究所 Police Department, McKinley County Sheriff's Office, New Mexico State Police).

In an emergency you may dial 911 which automatically traces the location of all calls, this enables officers to respond even when a caller cannot provide the location. If an individual calls from an office or courtesy phone the address displayed on metro dispatches computer system will be the main address to the UNM-萝莉研究所 Branch. The computer system at metro dispatch will not show an office or courtesy phone location. When you are on campus and dial 911, your call will be received by the Metro Dispatch Center and if you are off-campus, the call will be received by the Metro Dispatch Center. Outside of the 萝莉研究所 area, you will reach the appropriate law enforcement agency where the 911 System is utilized.

A special telephone providing services for the deaf is placed at the student services registration center, and at the UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department. 萝莉研究所-萝莉研究所 Police Department can be contacted by using this Telephone Device for the Deaf.

Emergency telephones, which are direct lines to the UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department are located in every elevator on campus. You may use the emergency telephone by opening the telephone box and pressing the button. The Police Secretary will answer the telephone promptly, and you will be able to relate the nature of your emergency. We ask that you call (505) 863-7620 to report non-emergencies. Emergency telephones will not enable you to make calls other than directly to the Police Secretary as an EMERGENCY.

If the UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department receives information that a crime has occurred which represents a continued threat to the campus community, notices and instructions will be delivered to students and employees in an effort to prevent similar crimes. Information will be conveyed through the campus newspapers, the Campus Voice, e-mail alerts; and orally or through other appropriate means.

Law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders is available online from the New Mexico Department of Safety at or by calling the McKinley County Sheriff's Department at (505) 863-1410.