We offer several crime prevention programs designed to keep you safe. Services are available free of charge.

Alarm System

We operate a computerized intrusion and fire alarm system to monitor facilities throughout campus to enhance personal and building security.

Handicap Parking

We also offer a temporary Handicap Parking permit for Faculty/Staff and Students. It is only good for one semester.

Crime Prevention Materials

Free brochures and other documents regarding crime prevention are available at the Police Department and other campus locations.

Crime Prevention Presentations

We conduct crime prevention presentations at new student orientations and other events.

Crime Stoppers

Anyone who has witnessed or has information about a crime should call Crime Stoppers at (505)-722-6161.

Keys Locked in Vehicle

Campus Police will only open vehicle doors for faculty and staff who lock their keys in their vehicles. Campus Police will unlock vehicles for students only when it is an emergency. Campus police will determine if it is an emergency or not.

Escort Service

We provide an escort service from the University, either on foot or in a vehicle within a one-mile radius of the University-萝莉研究所 campus. Assistance is available for stalled vehicles. For escort service call (505) 863-7620 or 979-3835.

Lost And Found

The Police Department operates the main lost and found service for the university.

Campus Safety

Safety suggestions should be submitted in writing and turned in to the UNM-萝莉研究所 Police Department or call (505)- 863-7620.

Access to Campus Facilities

We strive to make our campus safe by limiting access to buildings after hours. Buildings on campus are generally open during regular business hours, when class is in session and for special events. Persons authorized to remain in a building after closing time are required to have proper identification at all times. Police and security personnel conduct frequent internal and external checks of buildings on campus